Ways To Reuse A Worn Scrub Daddy

With such a happy face, it’s so sad to say goodbye to a member of the Scrub Daddy family. You would be surprised by how much life a worn Scrub Daddy has left in him and what your could reuse him for! A sponge that can be used all over the home has even more uses when you no longer want to use him to clean. We’ve put together some great ways we have come across for reusing a worn Scrub Daddy.

Kids Stencil Painting
We came across this idea on Instagram, a lovely mum found that using the ResoFoam side of Scrub Mommy made for a great stencil for kids painting. Just simply brushing on the paint to her smiley face and pushing down onto a piece of paper made for the perfect smiling face artwork!

Cress Daddy
The amazing @sisterpledgecleans used her worn Scrub Daddy to grow cress! You can follow the journey of Cress Daddy here

ResoFoam Single Side Sponge
Peeling away any worn FlexTecture from a Scrub Mommy will leave you with just the ResoFoam side. This works great for a washing up sponge on its own because of it’s super absorbent and super suds generating material.

Toothbrush Holder
Scrub Daddy’s eyes make for great toothbrush holders, plus you can use his mouth to hold a tube of toothpaste!

Christmas Decorations
We see every year the Scrub Family using Scrub Daddy as Christmas decorations. For the tree or use them to make a wreath too!

Slime Videos
The ASMR community regularly use Scrub Daddy for slime videos which is extremely satisfying to watch.

Kids Toys
Children love all of the Scrub Family, it must be the smiley face! But they could make great building blocks for the little ones.

Packaging Stuffing
What could be more protective than a non scratch sponge for to stuff your packaging with?!

Find your Scrub Daddy here 

What ways have you found to reuse Scrub Daddy?

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