Ways To Help Get Through A January Lockdown

Here we go again…

Lockdown 3.0 mixed with January?! What a combo! If you’re struggling to stay motivated, don’t think you’re alone here. We wanted to share a few of our ways to help get through a January lockdown.

Read a book (or maybe 10!)
If you’re anything like us, you would have had a few phone notifications telling how your screen time has risen (oops!). So take your eyes off the screen and onto the paper. With more time on our hands, it’s time to pick up the book you’ve been meaning to read for ages and get stuck in.

Watch Dream Home Makeover on Netflix for some home decor inspiration
Season 2 has just been released and as the home of innovative lifestyle products we have been, once again, obsessed with the home renovations. Watch an episode and then Pinterest how you want to update your home and bring it into the new year for 2021.

Plan your next holiday
OK, we know we can’t go many places right now! But that’s not going to stop us getting excited about when we finally can. Get thinking, get your notebook out and get planning all the places you want to visit. Plan out the experiences you can do, the things you want to see and who you want to go with. We can’t wait!

Make a vision board
We’ve had a lot of time to think recently, and a positive thing we can do with our thoughts is think about how we want our life to be in 5 years time. Now is the time to make the changes to get to that point. So, print out pictures, find quotes, write down the steps on how to get there and create a moodboard of how you visualise your life.

Start your spring clean early
Well, we are the home of Scrub Daddy so of course we would suggest this one! We are fully stocked with essential cleaning supplies, so don’t risk visiting the shops, we will have your items with you in no time. Shop here.

Plan garden renovations
Working from home overlooking the garden has us dreaming of the warmer months, and the garden changes we want to make too! Get planning now so as soon as it dries out a little, you can get the garden ready for summer.

Zoom workouts with your friends
It’s proven that exercising releases endorphins therefore vital to our mental health. We need to keep positive this time round, and exercise is a fast pass to keeping on top of this. But with the gyms closed (again!) and motivation seriously lacking on your own, it’s time to level up your workouts. Get on the group chat and organise a group zoom workout with your friends or family to keep social and keep fit!

Cook some different meals
Along with exercise, good healthy food is essential to positive mental health. So put your culinary skills to the test and make meal time a bit more exciting with a new menu for your household. If you’re struggling with this, we recommend trying out Hello Fresh, Guosto or Mindful Chef to get you started.

Virtual breakfast club with your friends
A virtual breakfast date for four? Sounds good to us!

Take your dog out for a walk
We know everyone says it but we can’t express enough how important getting outside and getting fresh air is! So, if you need another perfect excuse, take the dog out for a walk and breathe in the fresh air.

Make photo albums or scrapbooks
Print out the photos you’ve been putting off for ages, (us too!) and make photo albums or scrapbooks for you to enjoy in years to come.

Have a clear out
Wardrobes, attic, under the bed, kitchen cupboards if you don’t use it, get rid of it!

Have anymore ways to help get through a January lockdown to share with our readers? We would love to hear, share them below!

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