When savvy shopping tactics meets Trolley Bags – Hello Ultimate Shopping Ninja!

We know that our Trolley Bags can turn shoppers into a checkout ninja! And when we heard about Blogger ‘Reduced Grub’ shopping tactics to save, hunt out discounts and become a shopping ninja, we thought that a combination of her techniques and our bags will create – The Ultimate Shopping Ninja!

Blogger ‘Reduced Grub’ has been featured in the Daily Mail and The Mirror for her savvy shopping tactics.
The mum of two has saved £18,000 by ‘shopping like a ninja’ and feeds her family of four on just £20 a week, and has now started documenting her meals and amazing bargains on her blog. We wanted to help her become the ultimate shopping ninja by using our Trolley Bags on her shopping trips, so she can be just as swift at the checkout as she is through the aisles picking up discounted produce.

She has described our bags as a ‘game-changer,’ ‘super simple’ and ‘quick!’

Take a read of her great review of Trolley Bags Express Vibe and see how she became the ultimate shopping ninja here!


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