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  • Trolley Bags Xtra also creates an extended trolley for those extra big shopping trips.
  • Trolley Bags Xtra is the perfect solution for when you need to do a small shop.
  • Trolley Bags Xtra can keep your fragile items protected, by keeping them lifted out of the trolley.
  • Trolley Bags Xtra also creates an extended trolley for those extra big shopping trips.
  • Trolley bags Xtra is stronger and more durable than your regular shopping bags.


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  • Perfect at self-service checkouts
  • Design registered hook system makes it possible to extend trolley or protect fragile items inside trolley

Trolley Bags Xtra is the newest addition to the Trolley Bags Set and our most versatile bag, suitable for any shopper! The Xtra Bag can be flattened for easy transportation, and quickly opened into its stable box shape in seconds. Great for those little shops when you’re only picking up a few items, or to make your supermarket trolley bigger for larger shops by hanging on the front of the trolley thanks to its design registered hook system. The Xtra Bag can also be used for protecting fragile items within your trolley, such as eggs, bread or cakes, by being hung inside the trolley as you fill it with shopping around the store. If you’re a self-service checkout shopper, the Xtra Bag will make your shopping trips even quicker and easier.

Trolley Bags Xtra can hold 15kg – great for carrying bottles – but still ensuring you have full space inside the trolley. Trolley Bags Xtra Bag can also be connected to another Xtra Bag to create a neat storage solution in the car boot, whether that is for them to be filled with food shopping or other items.

Perfectly coordinated to match either Vibe or Pastel Trolley bag sets, the Xtra Bag is available in Vibe Blue, Vibe Green or Pastel Grey.

  1. Organisedshopper

    Love that you can extend your trolley with this bag. Although it says for fragile items-it’s really sturdy and can carry quite heavy items too. Can’t fault this bag
  2. John Rollo

    More sturdy than I expected. Holds some large, heavy bulky items. Quite impressed.
  3. Elaine Mathers

    Very happy with my shopping bags, all my family have them and keep extra few for spares. Simply shopping so much easier these days with the help of these bags. Also pack neatly into your boot. Highly recommend.
  4. Amanda

    Excellent addition to my trolley bags. Useful to use on its own too when I only have a few items to buy.
  5. Andrew

    Excellent shopping accessory. We already had a green one which we bought at Lakeland, so had to search for a new supplier. We purchased a blue and a grey for a full set. Especially like the fact that they fold down so neatly and so take up little room in the car boot.
  6. Kirsty Price

    Why didn't I buy these earlyer lol. Makes shopping so much easyer. Get some funny looks as your shopping and. I just snuggly smile back knowing I'm gon a fly through at the tills while there still there loading things up lol thank you
  7. Helen Metcalfe

    I bought this especially for going through self service checkouts. I'm always having trouble packing a bag which keeps falling down, you try to straighten it and the machine say "unexpected item in the bag" - yeah that would be my hand! Anyway, have used this twice since purchase and its brilliant, stands up on its own, plenty of space and very sturdy. Very pleased with purchase.
  8. Keira

    I love the idea of these and they fit beautifully in the boot of my car. The book for them to hang on the end of the trolley is good too. I really like using them.
  9. Jayne Kirkpatrick

    Used this the other day when I knew I'd only be buying a few things. It proved ideal as plenty of room for milk, wine and bread and sat in the footwell area of the car without rolling about. Perfect.
  10. Ali Wade

    I treated myself to a grey one of these when I bought my trolley bags. Not had to use it yet (as the trolley bags have been more than enough space for my grocery shops), but I keep it in the car boot (folds flat) ready for when I need it. I would use it hooked on the front of the trolley if I needed extra space or perhaps for items that are more fragile, but it would also be ideal inside the trolley when I only do a small shop. Thinking of getting a couple more to hook together inside the boot of our other car - a saloon - to keep items still.
  11. Alison staniec

    Excellent bags don't know why I did not purchase these before they are so strong
  12. Lisaloumamaof2

    Superb purchase. Very pleased with my trolley bags. Very roomy, durable & easy to pack. I prefer these to the supermarket reusable bags. Stored flat in the boot of my car, they take up no room at all. Easy to pack shopping into with their removable flat bottom, & square shape. Clips easily together with another trolley bag so it doesn’t fall over in your car.

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