‘Tis The Season To Clean

With Christmas creeping up on us it’s time to get the house ready for all the festivities! It’s the time where your home will see more visitors than it probably has in the last few months put together! So to avoid getting overwhelmed with the cleaning, it’s essential to start prepping your home now. We’ve put together some of our top tips for getting your home ready for Christmas…

Clean The Oven
Little and often is a tip from Mrs Hinch and this couldn’t be more true for the run up to Christmas period. Leaving your oven clean until after the holidays could leave you with a huge task on your hands. Whereas tackling it now will make sure you stay on top of this job . We recommend Scour Daddy for this tough task. It’s FlexTexture core stays firm in cold water and becomes soft in warm water but the ArmorTec mesh coating is the tough scourer part that will really make light work of burnt on food. 

Clean The Fridge and Freezer
The fridge freezer is undoubtedly going to be full up this Christmas so we recommend clearing out the food now. Start by taking everything out and throwing away anything out of date (you’ll be surprised how these items mount up!). Take out the shelves and drawers and wash them in the sink using Scrub Mommy. Scrub Mommy’s dual sided action means you can Scrub, Flip ‘n’ Wipe with the scrubbing side and then the sponge side. 

Bathroom Clean
Shower screens and bath tubs can become overwhelmed with soap scum especially when you have lots of family and friends staying over during the holidays. Plus, you will want the bathroom to be looking clean and fresh for them to use too. Scrub Daddy is perfect for scrubbing through soap scum with ease! When rinsed with cold water he is firm and tough so can wipe through the mess without much effort.

What jobs do you tackle before the festivities come into full swing?

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