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Tiktok Cleaning Tips and Tricks

We spoke with four of our favourite Tiktok cleaning accounts to get their favourite cleaning tips and tricks, ranging from saving tea bags to not making a list! We tried them all and we’re ready to give you our verdict. Are they Packing Sorted approved? Read to find out!




Trick: One of my top cleaning tricks is to collect your teabags over a few days and squeeze them out into a spray bottle with some warm water, it makes a great natural degreaser!


Now, this I was so sceptical of! But it really did work! My spray bottle has a really narrow top so I soaked my used teabags (about 6) in a jug of warm water, stirred, and let them sit for 10 minutes. Then poured the water into my spray bottle and got to work on the greasy pan. It worked wonders, I was so shocked at how it got so clean with just used teabags, and a rinse! Of course, I used my trusty Scrub Daddy Original!



Tip: A cleaning tip that I really love is writing down what I’ve achieved in my home rather than a list of chores and jobs that need completing that day. I find it very overwhelming and stressful if I have a large list of things needing to be done and just simply don’t have the time to complete it all. It gives a sense of achievement writing down all the tasks I’ve managed to complete whilst on a cleaning spree in my home. To write down all the tasks I’ve managed to do I use Mrs Hinch – ‘The Little Book of Lists’. Examples of things I like to write down are that I’ve perhaps done a wash load, the skirtings, hoovered, “Hinched” the toilet, changed the bins, etc! It gives me a great sense of pride when I see what I’ve managed to get done whilst juggling motherhood, work, etc!


As someone who is not big on cleaning, this was daunting to me. I love the finished product but actually getting it done is tedious and I personally hate every second. Over the years I have however learned that making a list forces me to get stuff done. So the idea of not making a list first seemed pointless to me, nothing would get done. But I gave it a go, and I must admit I understand why Kayleigh recommends it! I completed 7 tasks, which I was very happy about! Because I didn’t have a physical checklist, I don’t know if I skipped something or delayed something until tomorrow. It feels great to celebrate what I have completed! It may not be a cleaning tip in the literal sense, but it certainly worked wonders!



Tip: I put my doormats into my bath with disinfectant, washing powder, and fabric softener and this brings out all the dirt and grime.


I’ve seen a lot of Tiktok accounts doing this lately and it looks so satisfying! Super easy as well!! I did have to buy some powder and softener as I use gel, but it wasn’t expensive. There were plenty of inexpensive options, I picked up the most affordable ones as it was only for doormats. I chucked them in the bath, showered them off, poured the products in, gave it a swish, and then went on with my day. Super easy!! The colour of the water shocked me! I didn’t think just sitting still would actually draw anything out, but it really did! Laura didn’t say to but I gave the mat a quick scrub with my Grey Scrub Daddy to pull of the dog hairs that always get so stuck in these mats. A quick rinse under the shower, and out to dry!



Tip: One of my favourite cleaning tips would be using either baby oil or olive oil to shine up your stainless steel instead of using a stainless steel cleaner. Much cheaper option!


Now, I was scared going into this one, It makes perfect sense and I see the logic. But I was worried I was going to ruin my sponges or cloths with oil. Which everyone knows is a pain to get out! But I grabbed my Sponge Daddy, and went to work! This is a great tip, as it’s a lot more affordable than stainless steel cleaner. However, it definitely takes a bit of getting used to! I was struggling to buff away the oil residue left on my taps. But this is partially down to the fact i didn’t have a cloth to hand. But it really worked! A couple extra rinses of my Sponge Daddy to remove the oil, and my taps came up gleaming!


If you have any of your own cleaning tips and tricks you think we should try, let us know in the comment section below, or tag us over on Instagram and Tiktok!

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