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CleanTok Tips and Tricks!


By this point, we’re all familiar with the Instagram community of “Hinchers”. Updating their stories with “tap to tidy” snaps, as they make their way around the house doing the daily clean. But watch out. There’s a new community on the block; CleanTok! Over the past year, the video-sharing platform Tiktok has reached new heights of popularity. With people posting everything from, short clothing hauls to a cook-along there’s a side of Tiktok for everyone. Including the cleaning community! From sharing their colourful toilet cleans to doing the laundry, CleanTok covers it all. We reached out to a few of CleanTok Creators to find out a bit about them, and their top cleaning tips!


Charlotte Richards


Tiktok: Cleaningwithcharl

Instagram: Cleaningwithcharll

My name is Charlotte I’m a 20-year-old student and I love cleaning! I started my account this year and have absolutely loved my journey so far sharing my tips and tricks with my followers!

Charlotte’s Tips

  • I love using the Pink Stuff paste and a Scrub Daddy for oven cleaning, it’s the most effective and makes everything so much easier!

(Check out Charlottes Pink Stuff and Scrub Daddy oven cleans here! Video 1 & Video 2)

  • Another tip I love, Is using scent boosters in the food waste bin to get rid of any bad smells!


Jaimie-Lea Livingstone


Tiktok: Cleanwithjaimie

Instagram: Cleanwithjaimie

I’m 23 years old, I’m a single mother to a 2-year-old boy so I always have things to do and clean! I started to become so conscious about cleaning during my “nesting” phase of pregnancy, and since then it has just grown into such a massive passion and something that really helps to calm and settle my mental health.

Jaimie’s Tips

  • One of my favourite tips to use is cleaning the floors with laundry powder as it lifts all the stubborn dirt and grime so much better! And to make it 10x better, using a Scrub Daddy to scrub it!!


Ross Rabaiotti


Tiktok: Cleanwithrab

I’m a Welsh Dad and Husband who loves sharing his cleaning and home!

Ross’ Tips

  • My favourite hack is tumble dryer sheets within pillowcases and draws in the house to keep it smelling fresh!


We loved getting to know a few of the CleanTok community, they really are all so lovely and give us serious cleaning motivation when we’re lacking. Don’t forget to check out their accounts!

If you have any cleaning tips and tricks that you think everyone should know, leave them in the comments below and we’ll share them on our social media.


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