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The Pink Stuff Miracle Paste!

Have you heard about The Pink Stuff? I’m sure you all have by now! It’s fast becoming a cult product, loved throughout the cleaning community.  ‘The Miracle Cleaning Paste is a slightly abrasive paste that promises to be tough on stains. The Pink Stuff is extremely versatile so can be used to clean lots of different things in your home. So we thought we’d run through our top 10 uses for The Pink Stuff.


1. Tiles and grout

One of our favourite ways to use The Pink Stuff is to revive tired and grubby tiles. Work it into the grout with a sponge, we recommend a Scrub Daddy! Or an old toothbrush and you’ll be amazed at how much you can brighten up those old bathrooms or kitchen tiles.

2. Trainers

A surprising use, but one that’s been tried and tested by the masses! White trainers often don’t stay white for long. Work some The Pink Stuff into the soles to bring back their original colour. You can also use it sparingly on leather or coated fabric trainers, just don’t scrub too hard as you’ll remove the coating and colouring.

3. Revive old pans

Have you got pans that are destined for the scrap pile? Burnt on food and scorch marks on the bottom? Think again… with a bit of The Pink Stuff you get those scorched pans back to their best again. It does take a bit of time but it’s totally worth it for the price of new pans!

4. Soap scum

Sick of the build-up of soap in your bathtub? It’s not always visible but you’ll feel a thin coating that takes some hard work to scrub off. Not any more with The Pink Stuff! Rub it in with a cloth in circular motions and you’ll see the soap scum coming away quickly. Rinse down and your bathtub will look and feel perfectly clean!

5. Freshen up uPVC

Are your window and door frames looking a little unloved? Maybe you’ve got paint splashes on them from a recent DIY project? The Pink Stuff will remove paint, stains and general discolouration from your uPVC frames.


Covered in scorch marks and residue, barbeques can be really difficult to bring back to life. Don’t let future garden parties be ruined! Tackle yours with The Pink Stuff. Rub it onto the racks with a Scourer (Check out Scour Daddy, we even offer a Scrub Bundle) and leave for 10 minutes. Rub it off and you’ll realise that your barbeque wasn’t always burnt black!

7. Remove red wine stains

Spilt some red wine on your coffee table? Remove the stains with ease and get your table back to how it was before.

8. Smoke damage

If your home is showing signs of smoke damage, the best cleaning product for the job is The Pink Stuff. It’ll remove yellowing from paintwork and more!

9. Wheels

If the metal wheels on your bike, pram or even your car have any signs of rust, you can perk them up again with The Pink Stuff. Test on a small patch before committing to cleaning the whole area.

10. Radiators

Radiators and heated towel racks are prone to rust. Keep yours looking lovely by giving them a good scrub with The Pink Stuff. Use an old toothbrush to get into the awkward places and see how The Pink Stuff can get your radiator looking nice and clean. Go carefully on painted areas so you don’t strip the paint off.

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