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It’s Time For The Spring Clean, Are You Ready?

We’ve spent an entire year adjusting to living in a global pandemic. By this point, we’re pretty well versed in the art of disinfecting our surfaces, or, de-cluttering the spare bedroom to make space for our new office. We’ve already done so much cleaning, you might not want to do more! But being stuck at home for months on end can have a major effect on our mental health. This is why the annual spring clean is more important this year than ever before.

By staying on top of the cleaning you’ll be promoting a healthy and hygienic living space. Studies have also shown that decluttering and reorganising your homes gives your mental health a boost, and help you refocus. Which after this past year, I think we all have a severe case of scatter-brain!

We’ve put together our very own Spring Cleaning Checklist for 2021, if you’re looking forward to a clutter-free and spotless home, then download our guide and let’s get cleaning together!

Need to stock up on your supplies before you get started? We’ve got you covered, with brands like Scrub Daddy, The Pink Stuff, Holster, drip.line & Tooletries. Check out our products here!


If you’re taking part in the Packing Sorted Spring Clean this year don’t forget to share on Instagram and Facebook, and use #PackingSortedSpringClean so we can follow your spring clean journey!

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