Summer Cleaning Tasks

Summer is the season for BBQs, outdoor parties and bringing back the garden to life. Part of getting ready for all of the fun is prepping your house and garden ready for family and friends to enjoy the sunshine. Therefore, we’ve put together a list of cleaning tasks to take on in summer.

Garden Furniture

It’s time to wake up your garden furniture that has been sitting in your shed for the last few months. So, bring out the table and chairs and use the Scrub Daddy with cold water to scrub away any tough marks. Then with warm soapy water use Scrub Daddy when it’s soft to wash away dirt and for getting into any tight spaces.  

Eraser Daddy is great for use on white furniture as you will only need water and a light touch and then it rubs away marks therefore leaving a fresh surface. 


The windows of your greenhouse tend to grow mould and become filthy during winter so we recommend using Scrub Mommy to take on this task. Scrub Mommy features FlexTexture and ResoFoam meaning you can scrub the dirt and then wipe it away with the spongey side after revealing shining windows!

Swimming Pool

We all know if not properly looked after our paddling and swimming pools get pretty gross with insects, dirt and mould. Scrub Daddy is the man for the job for removing these stains with ease! To keep from cross contaminating bacteria we recommend using a different coloured Scrub Daddy for different jobs. You can pick from blue, green and orange Scrub Daddy Colours.


Power wash the patio down to remove mould and dirt from the joins of the slabs and then put Scrub Daddy through its paces by scrubbing away tough stains with this powerful scrubber.

With the garden now looking summer ready, invite your friends over and have fun in the sun! 

What cleaning jobs do you do in summer?

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