Stay On Top Of The Cleaning This Christmas!

Christmas is a time for family and friends, lots of food and parties and making the most of the time you all have together. So, when it comes to the housework, it’s totally understandable that your daily tasks take a back foot over the festive period. But, completely ignore it and once the new year roles in the small tasks you left could become mammoth missions making you feel overwhelmed and not knowing where to begin.

We’ve come up with a list of top tips and favourite products for helping you stay on top of the cleaning this Christmas. From washing up pots and pans to the keeping the bathroom clean, we’ve got it all here!

Tip number 1
Clean your pots, pans, plates and all cutlery after every use. Leaving your dinnerware mounting up on the side is only going to overwhelm you when you finally get round to doing it all. Just keeping on top of the washing up will leave you with a lot less to do when the festivities have ended. We recommend the Scrub Daisy Dishwand to help get a handle on the washing up.

Tip number 2
The oven is going to be in constant use this Christmas, between the Christmas dinner, Boxing Day buffet and many friends and family gatherings, it’s important to stay on top of your oven becoming too much to handle! Use Scrub Mommy for this job. Scrub away the dirt with her FlexTexture side using cold water making her very rough and firm and then soften her with warm water and use the spongey side to wipe away the dirt.

Tip number 3
Shower screens and bath tubs can become overwhelmed with soap scum especially when you have lots of family and friends staying over during the holidays. Plus, you will want the bathroom to be looking clean and fresh for them to use too. Scrub Daddy is perfect for scrubbing through soap scum with ease! When rinsed with cold water he is firm and tough so can wipe through the mess without much effort.

Tip number 4
Spilt drinks and dried food on your worktops can look grubby and can become a pain when it comes to getting them off if you have left them for a while. Use the scrubber side of Sponge Daddy with just cold water to really remove stubborn dirt from tables and worktops easily and then wipe away with his spongey side to remove excess mess.

Ultimately, to stay on top of your housework you just need to tackle each job as it comes along rather than leaving it to build up. You don’t need to stick to your normal heavy cleaning routine, as Christmas is all about spending time with your loved ones. But taking just a few 10 minutes each day to take on a couple of jobs that would otherwise build up, really will take a load off your shoulders.

What top tips do you have for staying on top of the cleaning during the festive period?

One thought on “Stay On Top Of The Cleaning This Christmas!

  1. Tami Bates says:

    Great tips and much needed during this time of the season. I tend to be so overwhelmed with work.

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