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Scrub Daddy Magic Multi-Surface Cleaner Uses

Scrub Daddy Magic Multi-Surface Cleaner Uses

The Scrub Daddy Magic Multi-Surface Cleaner really is one of a kind! The magic of their multi-surface spray makes it an effective cleaner, a tough on grime degreaser, and safe to use on all kinds of surfaces including fabrics. They don’t test any of their products on animals, and the spray is no different. They’re proud to say it’s a vegan-friendly formula and always will be. Not to mention the bottle is 100% made from recyclable plastic and the bottle, sleeve and trigger are all recyclable after use! It’s a firm favourite here at Packing Sorted, and we’re ready to test how many ways we can use it!

Cleaning Floors

Magic Multi-Surface

Whether it’s lino, tiles or hardwood we’ve all got floors we dread cleaning. But with the Magic Multi-Surface, it just got that little bit easier! Simply spray and scrub, wipe or mop. No matter how you like to clean, the Multi-Surface Cleaner is up to the job. And it’s an easy way to fill a room with its amazing lime & mint scent.

Fabric Cleaning

Magic Multi-Surface

That’s right, this multi-surface cleaner is just as effective on your fabric chairs, pillows or mattress as it is on your kitchen counter! In fact, when paired with the Resofoam side of Scrub Mommy, the Magic Multi-Surface Cleaner can foam up like fabric cleaner.  Just check out this video from the Scrub Daddy Tiktok, have you ever seen such amazing results? And easy too!

Oven Degreaser

Magic Multi-Surface

One of the key selling points of this magical multi-surface cleaner is how it’s a “Fantastic cleaner & degreaser. We’re telling you, there’s no false advertising here. This spray really is a great degreaser. Whether it’s the grill tray after a cooked breakfast or the neglected oven glass. This spray cuts through the grease build up in seconds. Pair with a firm Scrub Daddy, and your job just got 10X easier, again!

Outdoor Cleaning

Magic Multi-Surface

Don’t forget the garden! The Magic Multi-Surface Cleaner is not just for indoors! Whether your BBQ is looking sorry for its self, your window sills need a refresh or your garden furniture is getting a bit green. Scrub Daddy has got you covered. Don’t forget to pick up a pack of our Scrub Daddy Colour sponges, to colour-code your cleaning to avoid cross-contamination of bacteria.


Clear out those cleaning cupboards it’s time to declutter! The Scrub Daddy Magic Multi-Surface Cleaner is taking it all on!

For a limited time only get a FREE Scrub daddy Magic Multi-Surface Cleaner on all orders £15 and over!

Find out more information about the spray and shop Scrub Daddy Magic Multi-Surface Cleaner here. 

Check out the Scrub Daddy Tiktok and see how they use the Magic-Multi Surface Cleaner as well as many other great Scrub Daddy products!

Use the hashtag #ScrubDaddyMagicMultiSurface when posting on social media with the new spray so we can take a look at how you are putting the new product to use!

How do you use your Scrub Daddy Spray?


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