Reduce and Reuse with Trolley Bags and Life with Munchers Blog

“We took the new express size for a trial run and even though we weren’t scanning as we were shopping, we found that placing the items in the bag system whilst shopping made for more efficient packing at the other end.  Plus Mr found that he could get more in the trolley as everything was securely stacked and not just chucked in aimlessly.  We even got quite a few admiring looks from other shoppers. The Trolley Bags are attached together with velcro and can be detached easily for loading into the boot of the car.  Again we found that this added better security as the bag fit neatly in our 4×4, so no more escaping apples on roundabouts! Once emptied and reattached, they are easily rolled and stored for your next trip.  No more scrunched up tatty Tesco bags for us!”


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