ET Speaks From Home – Review of Trolley Bags Original Vibe

“Once I reach the supermarket, I just simply spread the bags out on a large trolley and start shopping. The 4 individual bags are held by Velcro which can be detached when you unload the bags.Please note that: The blue bag will actually fit into the last section of the Trolley if required which gives the bags more capacity. You simply need to lift up the base of the blue bag while it is still attached by the Velcro and drop it into the last section.

I find it very easy to sort out my grocery into the bags and there is a lot of room to place the items. The trouble I find is that I could not put big boxes like a 24 can box of Coke into the bag. The bags come in different sizes. So they suggests to put bulky products in the first two bags (numbers 3 & 4) and heavy products in the smaller bags (numbers 1 & 2).”

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