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10 Ways The Queen Of Clean Uses Scrub Daddy

One of the Channel 4’s Obsessive Compulsive Cleaners and a regular QVC guest presenter, Lynsey Queen Of Clean is famous for her 5 minute cleaning challenge.

The Queen Of Clean motivates and inspires many people to clean a few rooms in your house for just 5 minutes each, before you’ve even left the house for work or taken the kids on the school run! Just cleaning three rooms every morning for 15 minutes will make your life so much easier and will reassure you, you are coming back to a clean and tidy home after a long day.

Lynsey also regularly posts cleaning tips and hacks that she has found helped her, plus she includes honest product reviews. If you already follow the Queen Of Clean, you will know that she is a huge fan of the Scrub Daddy family and the many uses this little versatile scrubber has. She uses them all over her home from the bathroom, to the kitchen and the garden to the car! We chatted to Lynsey to find out her 10 top tips for making the most of your Scrub Daddy at home!

Below are her top 10 uses for Scrub Daddy;

1 – In cold water the Scrub Daddy works really well at scrubbing dishes with burnt on food, it’s effortless cleaning that takes seconds and no product is needed.

2 – If you have build-up of lime scale on your bath, to remove use Scrub Daddy in cold water for tough scrubbing power.

3 – Lime scale on shower doors can be a real pain but not for Scrub Daddy – he glides through easily.

4 – Removing soap scum from the bath and sink.

5 – Cleaning soap scum off tiles.

6 – The smiley face allows you to pop your fingers in and clean vases with ease and Scrub Daddy gets right down to the bottom.

7 – Cleaning the grills on the BBQ.

8 – Scrub Daddy takes the hard work out of cleaning the oven.

9 – I have always found scrubbing cake and muffin pans a real pain but Scrub Daddy makes cleaning these a real breeze.

10 – Scrub Daddy is great for scrubbing vegetables clean before a meal.

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Where in your home will you make use of Scrub Daddy? Let us know in the comments below.

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