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Trolley Bags Original Pastel + Cool Bag Bundle

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Trolley Bags Original Cool

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Trolley Bags Original Pastel

In stock

Includes 1 x Trolley Bags Original Vibe (set of 4 bags) plus 1 x Trolley Bags Original Cool insulated cool bag which fits perfectly into bag no.1 of Trolley Bags Original.


Includes 1 x Trolley Bags Original Pastel (set of 4 bags) plus 1 x Trolley Bags Original Cool insulated cool bag which fits perfectly into bag no.1 of Trolley Bags Original.


Insulated Cool Bag for use in sets of Trolley Bags Original

Trolley Bags Original Cool is designed to fit perfectly into Bag 1 of the Trolley Bags Original Sets. It rolls up into a neat package for you to take into the supermarket with your Trolley Bags Original. Once you’ve open your Trolley Bags Original at the checkout, place Trolley Bags Original Cool into Bag 1. You now have an insulated bag you can fill with all your cold items. Once full, the bag can be zipped up and removed from the trolley with the Bag 1 handles. After use, the Trolley Bags Original Cool can be easily folded back up, ready for your next shopping trip.

Trolley Bags Original are a system of four reusable shopping bags that are used to pack your shopping at the supermarket checkout, sized to fit larger deep trolleys.

In one simple action the Trolley Bags system spreads out and rests on the deeper supermarket trolleys, giving you a series of open and upright bags into which you can pack and sort your shopping with both hands. Each durable bag holds up to 15kg and are designed to make your shopping trip easier and more convenient. The simple system can halve the time at the checkout as packing is quicker and easier without the hassle of holding bags open.

If you ‘Scan as you Shop’, you can simply rack open the bags into the trolley as you enter the store and they will remain open and upright, allowing you to fill them with your groceries as you walk around the supermarket.

Additional information

Trolley Bags Original Pastel


To fit maximum Trolley size: Width 65cm x Depth 69cm Each bag tested to hold maximum weight: 15kg

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10 reviews
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10 reviews for Trolley Bags Original Pastel + Cool Bag Bundle

    5 out of 5

    Shopping Bags I scan as you shop so i can put the items in the bags no fuss i put them in order fridge in one fruit and veg in another so on great would recommend

    5 out of 5

    My Bags Iv been using these trolley bags for 20 months and every time I shop I get stopped about 3 times asking about my bags. Iv just purchased the shallow bags with the extra bag to hook on the end of the trolley and I'm getting more people ask me than ever before. I do shop and scan so it's really easy doing my shopping. I have a back problem so the less amount of picking and packing the better. Long gone are the days of using the cashier, I whip through the shop and scan with my bags already packed so no unloading. Love these would highly recommend as I do when shopping in Tesco x

    5 out of 5

    Great Addition To The Family Of Bags! Great bag, fits easily onto the front of the trolley, folds flat, easy to carry. What's next?

    5 out of 5

    Marvel! Love love love my trolley bags. Have already had a comment in the supermarket and jealous looks! Makes it so much easier and quicker if you go to a supermarket that you don't have time to pack ...well you do now! I have a teeny car so being able to remove the poles is fab as it means the bags are easier to put in the small boot. Love em!

    5 out of 5

    What a brilliant idea!! Isaw a lady using these and asked where she got them from. As soon as I got home I went on the web & ordered a set. They really do make packing so easy. I am so impressed with them I have purchased 2 more sets for my daughters.

    5 out of 5

    Bags Of Enjoyment Got two sets, one for deep trolleys and one for shallow and they are brilliant. Don't have to worry about bag handles snapping and lots of people have asked where to get them from. Also got the extra square one that is brilliant for bottles and boxes. Worth their weight in gold for ease and convenience.

    5 out of 5

    What A Great Idea! I love my trolley bags, especially since my local supermarket has introduced self scanning! Shopping goes straight into the bags and then into the boot of the car! Job done!

    5 out of 5

    The trolley bags were great I used them the next day with a scan and pack and it made it so easy. They are strong but light

    5 out of 5

    Classy Bag Lady I have both sets, large and small, plus the cool bag. They have positively transformed my shopping experience. It actually makes something that used to be a chore, really fun. I love the pastel colours and the quality of the manufacture. I love feeling organised and that unlike normal 'bags for life' , Trolley bags are easy to roll up and store. .I only have one problem. I am constantly being stopped by strangers in the supermarket who want to know where I bought the bags, so my shop currently takes longer, but then its also nice to meet new people! One of the check out girls in my local store calls me 'the classy bag lady'!!

    5 out of 5

    I have both sauce trolley bags & the cool bag. I love them all especially when using in Waitrose !

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