What Are Holsters?

Heat resistant to over 200°C these products make life around the home easier. The high-grade silicone construction is also waterproof, allowing them to be used in the bathroom or kitchen.

The Hobby Holster holds heated crafting tools such as glue guns or heat guns. The Mini, Any and Skinny Holsters can keep TV remotes, dish-brushes or tools organised. The headline product of the range, the Hot Iron Holster, takes the danger out of hot hair styling tools as its heatproof construction gives you somewhere to store hot tools between uses, preventing fires, burns and damage to your tools.

To use these products, a smooth surface is needed. Silicone backing clings to many surfaces with ease, glossier surfaces are especially effective as they give optimal cling to the innovative fixing system. Once installed, Holsters can be moved by simply peeling them from the point of installation, leaving no residue or marks.

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Hot Iron Holster

(8 customer reviews)

Never leave your hot styling tools unattended again!

The Hot Iron Holster Original cradles your hot tools in heat resistant silicone that has been tested to withstand temperatures up to 500 degrees.

Hobby Holster


This handy silicone holder is great for hot crafting tools while in use.

Cleverly utilizing the properties of the silicone construction, the Hobby Holster conveniently attaches to any smooth, non-porous surface whilst remaining easy to place, move, and clean – dried glue peels right off!

Holster Any

(1 customer review)

Perfect for TV remotes, Wii remotes, dish brushes, small tools etc.

Holster Any is a handy silicone holder for small household objects that conveniently attaches to any smooth, non-porous surface whilst remaining easy to place, move, and clean.

Holster Mini

(6 customer reviews)

Leave your sponge high and dry!

Holster mini will keep your sponge out of the sink and take kitchen cleanliness to a new level, made from 100% silicone, with drain holes to promote quicker drying times.

Holster Skinny

(3 customer reviews)

This vibrantly coloured silicone holder clings to any smooth, non-porous surface.

Ideal for storing small bathroom essentials and household objects where they can stay clean and dry.