Bring the outside, in. Dining outside just got warmer, drier, and more stylish thanks to the new Astreea Igloos!

The Astreea Igloo isn’t just any ordinary outdoor cover, made in a European aircraft factory the frame is made entirely from aerospace aluminium, meaning it’s built to last. It can be bolted to the floor or can be weighed down to withstand strong weather conditions.

But this doesn’t mean the Astreea Igloo compromises on style; covers to suit all seasons, vintage lighting and multiple sizes to suit gives you the inviting experience you want from your outdoor space. Pick and mix your covers to suit the weather, from transparent PVC for winter and mosquito nets for summer, just one frame fits all. Assembly is extremely simple and can be carried out by 2 people in less than an hour and is as simple as build, plug and go!

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