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Outdoor Scrub Daddy Uses!

Outdoor Scrub Daddy Uses

With summer closing in and the end of lockdown insight, we’re all starting to refresh our gardens ready for BBQs and garden parties, and Scrub Daddy is here to help! Did you know the nations favourite sponge isn’t just for inside your home? Read on for five outdoor uses for Scrub Daddy.


  • Has your BBQ been left to one side of the garden pining to be cleaned up? Well, Scrub Daddy can do just that! Remove burnt-on dirt and residue from your barbecue grill with a Scrub Daddy. We recommend using the Scrub Daddy Power Paste, it will cut through the grease in seconds!


  • Lucky enough to be able to kick back in your own pool or hot tub? And this summer you’ll finally be able to share the experience with others! Get your outdoor hot tub or pool deep cleaned, both around the sides and the jets, where body oils can build upon over time.


  • Polish the alloys on your car tyres. A Scrub Daddy and warm soapy water will clean off chunky mud and dirt in seconds, and the Power Paste shines them up too.


  • Get rid of bird poo from your car windscreen or outdoor furniture. As Scrub Daddy doesn’t cling onto debris, it will rinse straight out.


  • Revamp your garden by reviving your tired, moss-covered fences.


We recommend investing in Scrub Daddy Colours, to keep from cross-contamination in your cleaning!


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