Dec 06

6 comments on “You may have seen us!

  • I love my trolley bags I have them over a year now and they are brilliant very hard wearing and easy to use. People often comment when they see me in the shops with them asking where I got them. I bought them on line and they are great value could not recommend them highly enough. Do yourself a favour and invest in them today at €14.99 you can’t go wrong. Well done to the genius who invented them and the best of luck with your company and future sales. Have shared your page on facebook to let people know how good they are 🙂

  • Well done on getting the trolley bags to this stage – I’ve been waiting eagerly to hear how you’re getting on! I notice you’re going to be travelling around the country promoting the bags. Will they be available in the large multiples (e.g. Tesco/Lidl/Dunnes) etc? I’m trying to avoid having to pay the delivery charge!


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