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Wishing your home looked more like Mrs Hinch’s? (Doesn’t everyone?!) Then choosing smart storage is a good place to start. From baskets tucked in corners, to the cupboard under the stairs, Sophie’s home is always looking spick and span, because she has places to store things! From the kitchen to the bathroom, we have the solutions to keep your home tidy!

The Tooletries range is a unique patented silicone technology that utilises static forces to grip to shiny smooth surfaces like mirrors, glass or bathroom walls. This means you can stick storage to your walls without suction cups, screws or adhesives. The silicone is completely reusable, leaves no residue and never loses it’s stick!

The Holster product range has a silicone backing clings to many shiny surfaces with ease. Heat resistant to over 200°C these products make life around the home easier. The high-grade silicone construction is also waterproof, allowing them to be used in the bathroom or kitchen.


Wondering how you can get your Narnia looking as good as Mrs Hinch’s? Start with your storage! You can’t expect to be able to find the thing you are looking for when everything is just chucked in your under-the-sink cupboard. Choose our Reusable Hooks for hanging cloths to dry and use the organisers for storing your most-used bottles for a quick clean.


Forget mould growing on metal shower racks – the Tooletries organisers are made out of antibacterial silicone so it will never grow mould or need cleaning! (Music to our ears!) From mirrors to razor holder and toothbrush holders and even a beer holder your shower will have never looked so good.

Around The Home

Keeping the kids, your office and your home tidy can quickly become a mammoth task. So with the help of the fun holders from Tooletries and Holster, things can easily be put away and look cool at the same time. The Pineapple, Koala and Joey Pouches are great for this!

How do you use storage to keep your home looking tidy?

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