Hello Scour Daddy and Soap Daddy

This month has been a super exciting time for the cleaning community with the launch of the Soap Daddy from the Scrub Daddy range. Plus, we have also been treated to the Scrub Daddy branded clothing which includes aprons and t-shirts! And now with the imminent arrival of Scour Daddy, we couldn’t be more excited to be the exclusive retailer of the full Scrub Daddy range.

Soap Daddy

The dual action soap dispenser Soap Daddy is currently taking the Instagram cleaning world by storm, with many accounts now taking pride in displaying the soap dispenser by their sink. The Soap Daddy eliminates the need for countless plastic washing up liquid bottles so now you can just refill the same bottle with refillable pouches. 

Shop Soap Daddy here.


The people asked and Scrub Daddy answered! With countless requests for Scrub Daddy aprons, they are now finally available to shop to wear around your home when cleaning. But they didn’t just stop there, we are also now stocking their famous t-shirts in both peach and blue! This combo of t-shirts and apron means you can keep cleaning without ruining your best clothes. Oh, and they’re super cute too!

Shop clothing here.

Scour Daddy

The first launch of Scour Daddy saw the product sell out within days but now it’s back! The hard as nails scouring pad with a FlexTexture core and ArmorTec outer comes in a pack of 3 in multiple colours for colour coded cleaning. The Scour Daddy is also scratch resistant and changes texture in different water temperature just like Scrub Daddy but features an extra tough coating for even tougher scrubbing. Plus, they feature tabs to easily hang for quicker drying.

Shop Scour Daddy here. 

Which of our new arrivals will you be getting your hands on?

Let us know in the comments below and don’t forget to review the product too!

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