7 Reasons You Need Scour Daddy

The latest arrival to the Scrub Daddy product range, Scour Daddy is a new kind of scouring pad. Heat treated mesh covers the FlexTexture core giving it even more scrubbing power on burnt on food, plus it’s covered in smiling faces, what’s not to love about Scour Daddy?! You can clean anything with a smile with the Scrub Daddy range and the scouring pad is no exception. 

As if you needed another reason to use Scour Daddy, here’s 7…

  1. Stronger than ordinary scouring pads
  2. Thicker than other scouring pads
  3. More absorbent then your normal scouring pads
  4. Releases food particles easily
  5. Resists odours
  6. Scratch-free even on non-stick pans
  7. Soft in warm water, firm in cold water just like Scrub Daddy

From odour resistance, scratch resistance and the texture changing power, our scourer is unlike any scouring pad you’ve used before. His sturdy FlexTexture core (the same material Scrub Daddy is made from) distributes pressure evenly when scouring for a more effective clean rather than that of an ordinary pad that is flimsy and is weak at cleaning evenly. 

Check out Youtube for Scour Daddy’s best uses.

What feature do you love most about Scour Daddy?

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