5 Ways To Make The Most Of Autumn

As the seasons change and darker nights start setting in, it’s time to begin getting your home ready for Autumn. Making it somewhere cosy that you want to spend long dark evenings with the family and loved ones.

The colder months aren’t something to dread after the longest and hottest UK Summer on record, in fact they often bring the most exciting and special occasions with them. From fireworks night to Christmas and New Year’s Eve – the colder seasons are ones to enjoy in your gorgeous home! 

Use these 5 tips to make sure you are stocked up and organised for the biggest events of the year;

1.      The Scrub Daddy 8 pack will be sure to see you through Autumn and Winter with each scrubber staying odour-free for up-to 2 months each! Meaning you can stay on top of the cleaning and chores quickly and easily without running out of America’s Favourite Sponge.

2.      Save time on drying up and make the most of your friends coming over for wine and a catch-up with the drip.line Multifunctional Drainer. You can quickly rinse the glasses and leave them to dry whilst still enjoying girl time without the little ones running around!

3.      Use the Pokito Collapsible Travel Mug this bonfire and fireworks night to keep you and the family warm with it’s insulated band. Plus, now that lots of major coffee brands are giving you money off when you bring your own reusable cup – you can top up and save money! This one-of-a-kind travel mug collapses to be three different sizes too! So whether you in need of a little energy boost from an espresso or a large hot chocolate they can all fit in this collapsible mug.

4.      The big Christmas food shop is often one that we all dread. But with the Trolley Bags Ultimate Shopper Bundle which includes the original four Trolley Bags plus the Cool and Xtra bag, you can save time at the checkout packing your items as quickly as possible. This means less time in the crazy Christmas rush at the supermarket!

5.      Keep the kids occupied and the house tidy with the Hobby Holster. Arts and crafts on a rainy Saturday will keep the kids occupied for hours but the mess can become uncontrollable! Start with keeping the kit tidy in these colourful and handy silicone holders.

How will you be making the most of the colder months and do you have any tips for fellow families? Let us know in the comments below.

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