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5 Uses For Eraser Daddy 10X

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Fed up with magic erasers that tear apart on your first use? Scrub Daddy is too! That’s why they created their own. They made one that lasts 10x longer and is 10x stronger than any other. How? By designing a brand-new type of melamine that is packed with FlexTexture scrubbing gems. It’s a new kind of magic eraser. But what can they actually do? Where can you use them? We’ve put together a list of 5 uses for the Eraser Daddy 10X, so read on to find out!


Scrub Daddy Eraser 10x Melamine Eraser

Eraser Daddy 10x – £4.49

The Eraser Daddy 10x is water activated and spot cleans marks and scuffs around your home just like a traditional eraser, without wearing like one! This dual-sided wonder features an exclusive tri-composite eraser material that lasts ten times longer than regular melamine. It’s durable enough to be used time and time again. A backing and blend of FlexTexture add scrubbing power to help keep clean-up quick plus, has texture changing properties just like Scrub Daddy Original. Use it to remove rough surface debris before erasing or simply tackle those other items on your to-do list in need of a scratch-free scrub.


1.iScuff Marks On Walls

Probably one of the most infamous uses for a melamine eraser! How do all those scuff marks end up on our walls? It’s a mystery…however all isn’t lost as we have a handy way to remove them. Using the ED10X, of course – a few buffs and your walls will be looking better than ever.

Check out this TikTok from Scrub Daddy to see how it transforms a scuffed and marked wall!

@scrubdaddyukLook how easily the #scrubdadd #eraserdaddy transforms this scuffed wall! #fyp #fypsounds #cleaning #cleantok #cleaningtiktok♬ original sound – Scrub Daddy UK

TOP TIP: Be sure to test the magic eraser in an inconspicuous area.

2. Clean glass windows

If your DIY vinegar solution isn’t quite cutting it, Eraser Daddy could help you get your windows clean. Don’t worry about leaving scratches – it’ll only buff away dirt and grime on the surface of the pane. ED10X work on most glass surfaces and are particularly handy for removing stuck-on bugs from your windscreen.

3. Clean canvas shoes

Let’s face it – our white shoe soles don’t stay that way for long. Even if you promise to only wear them in nice weather, the soles will pick up scuffs and stains from seemingly nowhere. These are surprisingly tricky to get rid of, as they’re often embedded in the rubber itself. Here’s where our trusty Eraser Daddy 10X comes in once again. Use it to gently buff away all of those marks and leaves your soles spotless.

Check out this TikTok from Scrub Daddy to see how it transforms these grubby trainers!

@scrubdaddyukLook how quickly the #scrubdaddy #EraserDaddy10X revived these grubby trainer soles! #trainerclean #cleaninghacks #cleantok #fyp #cleaningtiktok♬ original sound – Scrub Daddy UK

4. Coffee & tea stains

If you take your tea super strong, or perhaps don’t rinse it after every cup, you’ll notice stains begin to appear over time.

These can be pretty stubborn – unless you use an Eraser Daddy 10X, that is!

5. Clean cabinet doors

Cabinets in the kitchen can get surprisingly dirty. This is mainly due to the absorption of all your delicious cooking. Eraser Daddy 10X is really handy for cleaning cabinet doors, and will cut through dirt and grime in no time.

If you’re still not convinced you need an Eraser Daddy 10X in your life (you really do!) Check out the product video here!


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Where will you use your Eraser Daddy 10x?

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