5 Must-Follow Cleaning Bloggers

The cleaning craze continues on Instagram with many bloggers getting thousands of followers from sharing pictures and videos on cleaning hints. From product reviews to their own tips and tricks on how to keep your home spick and span, this popular new type of blogging is one that we can definitely get on board with! Many of these Instagram influencers have included Scrub Daddy in their must-use products for getting a deep clean and a sparkling sink.

We’ve searched for all the must-follow cleaning bloggers to give you the motivation you need to get going with the housework;

  1. Lynsey Queen Of Clean @lynsey_queenofclean 
    As seen on Channel 4’s Obsessive Compulsive Cleaners and a guest presenter on QVC, the Queen Of Clean really does know what she’s talking about. Lynsey motivates you to get involved in her 5 minute challenge which is just as simple as it sounds, cleaning one room for 5 minutes. This manageable way of getting the housework done before you’ve even left the house for work or the school run means you can relax knowing you will have a tidy home to come back to.
  2. Ellen O’Keeffe @_ellenokeeffe 
    Ellen is the first to admit she is cleaning crazy! She regularly posts about her favourite cleaning products on her feed and has even got her own hashtag #theelleneffect used all over the UK and Ireland.
  3. Mrs Hinch @mrshinchhome_x_
    Mrs Hinch has taken Instagram and the rest of the world by storm with her useful hints and tips via Instagram stories. She also appeared on This Morning talking to Holly and Phil about cleaning tips recently which in turn made her Instagram following grow rapidly!
  4. I.Love.Cleaning
    Looking for first hand reviews on the top cleaning products then this account is great to follow!
  5. Jo @jottiesjournal
    Jo’s homemaking and cleaning tips includes a 4 step plan to getting your home organised. Jo works full time herself so knows that just doing one room a day can keep you from feeling overwhelmed with both working and taking care of a home.

Which cleaning accounts do you follow for that little added inspiration to get the job done? Let us know in the comments!

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