4 Reasons You Need Soap Daddy

As we see a rise in reusable alternatives to plastics across the world, its’s time to start thinking about your washing up bottle. Think about how many bottles a household will go through a year and then where they end up. Scrub Daddy have thought of a solution to this problem and it’s called Soap Daddy

Here’s four reasons why you need Soap Daddy in your home…

Reason 1

Not only are there more and more refill stations popping up in eco shops across the country but companies producing washing up liquid and hand soap and now offering it in a refillable bag. Soap Daddy can be refilled from bags like the one below now, hugely reducing the amount of plastic bottles in your home.

Method Refill

Reason 2

Soap Daddy isn’t like a regular washing up bottle, it features two ways to release suds! You press the top with your favourite Scrub Daddy sponge to release the perfect amount of liquid or, squeeze the sides of the bottle to deposit liquid into your water or pan.

Reason 3

Great for hand washing too! Not only can it hold your washing up liquid, it can also hold your favourite washing up liquid and deposit the soap straight into your hands.

Reason 4

It compliments your Scrub Daddy sponge and will be another step into completing your Scrub Family! The fun, colourful branding of Scrub Daddy products brightens up your cleaning routine and is designed to look like a flower to sit pretty on your kitchen windowsill. 

Watch our hot-to-use video on our Youtube channel below

What other ways have you found to reduce your plastic consumption? 

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